With a capacity of 1 MW, the AuxHYGen station can produce up to 400 kg of green hydrogen per day through water electrolysis. This first project of Hynamics, an EDF group subsidiary specialising in hydrogen, will prevent the emission of 2,200 tonnes of CO2 each year. Since September, it has supplied five hydrogen buses operated by Transdev Auxerrois on the Leo urban transport network and is part of the territorial ecosystem project led by the Auxerrois urban community. This clean mobility project, which will address other uses in the coming months, is part of the territorial air-climate-energy plan and the proactive policy led by the urban community, chaired by Crescent Marault, fostering the energy transition of its areas.

Hydrogen is a highly concentrated energy source the use of which in mobility (via a fuel cell) only releases water and produces no noise pollution. Moreover, if it is produced by water electrolysis, its production emits neither CO2 nor particles. It is for these reasons that the Auxerrois urban community has chosen this technology to reduce the carbon intensity of its transport network, among other things. The project first came to fruition in December 2019 with the order of five buses Businova H2 (SAFRA hydrogen bus equipped with Symbio batteries) now operated by Transdev Auxerrois on the Leo network. The AuxHYGen station, developed, built, and operated by Hynamics, currently supplies them with locally produced green hydrogen distributed in short circuits.

Since September, the station, equipped by McPhy, has supplied 20% of the Transdev Auxerrois bus fleet. By 2025, the aim is to increase the production capacities of these facilities from 1 to 3 MW to support the emergence of all uses of hydrogen. This second phase of the project will be supported by ADEME. This will allow the station to supply more hydrogen buses, light commercial vehicles, trucks, trains, etc.

More generally, this project is part of a large-scale regional hydrogen ecosystem being created by the Auxerrois urban community. The aim is to establish strong partnerships between the Auxerrois area, under the aegis of the urban community, and industry and mobility stakeholders in order to develop new hydrogen projects.

For Crescent Marault, Chairman of the Auxerrois urban community: ‘We have great hopes for Hydrogen, as we have imagined it. We want to anchor this technology in the region and get companies to appropriate it so that, tomorrow, Auxerrois will be ready before everyone else. The urban community is implementing a medium- and long-term strategy to become an autonomous energy region. The role of a local authority is to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow and to initiate change serving its attractiveness, both for people and for businesses.’

Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO of EDF, commented: ‘By commissioning the first hydrogen station of this scale in France, EDF group and its subsidiary Hynamics have boosted the entire sector and are sending a strong signal: we are fully committed, alongside our partners, to making low-carbon and renewable hydrogen a lever to achieve our common carbon neutrality goals.

Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev, commented: ‘Our role as a mobility operator is to support communities in their search for solutions adapted to their regions. The example of Auxerrois therefore symbolises our desire to work hand in hand with elected representatives and local economic and industrial partners. With this station and the development of its bus fleet, Auxerre, I am convinced, will very quickly become an example to follow both for many communities and the Transdev group.

Hydrogen in Auxerre in a few figures

  • 1 megawatt: power of the electrolyser installed by Hynamics in Auxerre
  • Less than 6 months between the start of works and commissioning
  • 100% renewable electricity used to supply the station
  • 400 kilograms of hydrogen produced per day
  • 5 hydrogen buses integrated by SAFRA and operated by Transdev Auxerrois on the Leo network
  • 2,200 tonnes of CO2 avoided every year
  • 300 kilometres: operating range of a hydrogen bus
  • 250,000 kilometres: distance travelled annually by all Auxerrois hydrogen buses
About the Auxerrois urban community
It includes 29 towns, has a population of 72,000, and is chaired by Crescent Marault, also mayor of the central city, Auxerre.
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About Hynamics
Hynamics is an EDF group subsidiary which offers industry and mobility stakeholders a turnkey offer for the production, storage, and distribution of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen through the investment in, operation, and maintenance of hydrogen production and distribution facilities.
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About Transdev
As a global mobility operator and integrator present in 18 countries, Transdev enables 11 million passengers to travel every day thanks to its various efficient and environmentally friendly modes of transport which connect individuals and communities. Transdev advises and supports, through continuing cooperation, local authorities and companies in the search for safer and more innovative mobility solutions.
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