Dijon Métropole has just rolled out an unprecedented smart city project based on remotely managing urban equipment of all the metropolis’ 23 municipalities from a connected command post.

After one year of work, the connected command post at the heart of the OnDijon project was unveiled by Dijon mayor, Dijon Métropole president and former minister François REBSAMEN, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region president Marie-Guite DUFAY and representatives of the consortium that built the post—Martin BOUYGUES, Bouygues Group chairman-CEO , authorized representative, EDF Group chairman-CEO Jean-Bernard LEVY, SUEZ group CEO Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE and Capgemini France chairman Jérôme SIMÉON.

OnDijon: unique among French Smart City projects

Dijon Métropole builds the region of the future with an original Smart City project in France, which has new services for citizens and the modernisation of public action at the heart of public space management.
The OnDijon smart city project has an unprecedented scope as it includes all 23 municipalities of Dijon Métropole.
Urban equipment are connected to and remotely managed by the command post; service vehicles are geo-tracked and interventions better coordinated: waste removal, street cleaning, urban traffic regulation, surveillance of public areas, etc..

The connected command post: heart of the OnDijon project

Fifty people are working at the 1,200m2 connected command post, which:

  • Simplifies and improves the coordination of interventions and maintenance works of the metropolis’ services on the public space relating to bulky rubbish, roads, green areas, cleaning, etc.
  • Remotely manages the urban equipment of the metropolis' 23 municipalities such as traffic lights, street lighting, video protection or road services
  • Ensures public safety and security: crisis management (snow, floods, etc.), safety of public buildings (fire, intrusion, access control, etc.) as well as video protection and interventions by the municipal police
  • Organises inhabitants’ mobility by coordinating means of transport and travel across the area
  • Processes around 630 daily calls received at the telephone portal dedicated to citizens’ requests.

OnDijon: a trailblazing business and contract model

To carry out the project, Dijon Métropole relies on a consortium responsible for building the connected command post and managing it for 12 years under a public design, construction, operation and maintenance contract.
The project’s total cost is €105 million, of which €53 million is investment by public sources: Dijon Métropole, the city of Dijon, the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
The local authority had already planned most of this investment as part of its investment and urban equipment renewal programme.
OnDijon relies on an innovative investment leveraging effect: modernizing public services and equipment, especially installing 100% LED lighting, will generate savings allowing new digital services to be funded.

The project enable to achieve 65% energy savings in 12 years.


  • A €105m contract financed by Dijon Métropole, the city of Dijon, the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)
  • Renovation of over 34,000 lighting points in 100% LED
  • 113 crossroads and 180 buses equipped with bus priority
  • 205 vehicles geo-tracked and 130 equipped with radios
  • Over 140 km of fibre optic cables laid
  • 180 buildings operated in safety and security, connected to the command post, including 13 refurbished structures
  • 65% energy savings by the end of the contract
  • Replacement of 26 access terminal sites
  • Replacement of 269 video protection cameras


  • Mid-2015: earliest studies to group together the six command posts (Security, Municipal Police, Urban Supervision Centre, Traffic, Hello City Hall, Snow)
  • February 1st 2018: start of the contract with the consortium led by Bouygues Énergies & Services and Citelum (EDF Group), with SUEZ and Capgemini, to build the connected command post
  • June to December 2018: development of the command post
  • April 11th, 2019: launch of the Smart Metropolis with the operation of the connected command post