The GreenTech Start-up Booster environmental program, organized by the Skolkovo Foundation with the support of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities and the Ministry of Energy, aims to research and implement innovative solutions in the fields of ecology, industrial safety and sustainable development. For this program, the largest Russian companies such as SIBUR, Severstal and Gazpromneft and the foreign industrial actors as ENEL and TOTAL have joined forces for the first time to search out projects in the “green” technology field. During the final which took place on December 15, the corporates selected the best solutions in this field.

As for EDF, participation in the GreenTech Start-up Booster environmental program falls within the framework of cooperation between EDF and the Skolkovo Foundation provided for in the Memorandum signed by the parties in 2016. It constitutes one of the Group’s first formal interactions with Skolkovo ever since we entered the world of Russian innovations.

EDF indicated two main areas of cooperation within the framework of the GreenTech Start-up Booster project. They are “Clean Energy” (wind and solar technologies, hydrogen technologies and digital solutions to improve energy efficiency) and “Humans and Environment” (stimulation of ecologically responsible behavior, digital technologies for the environment, general safety and occupational safety).

Initially, there were 853 successful entrants into the program hailing from 190 cities across the world, including Amsterdam, Belgrade, Munich, Tbilisi, Minsk as well as Moscow and St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Over 100 Skolkovo resident companies comprised the original applicants in the accelerator. During the pitch sessions, preselected startups were evaluated by numerous experts from Skolkovo Foundation, EDF, Skoltech, Gazprom Neft, Total, WWF, and many other bodies. Twenty-three projects got to the final, where five winners were identified.

Laurent Paganon, Director, EDF Representative Office in Russia and the CIS: “EDF welcomes the initiative of the Skolkovo Foundation to launch the GreenTech Start-up Booster program, with the support of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The fight against climate change is one of our company’s main goal. At EDF, we are convinced that the energy transition is a joint effort, and we work tirelessly with those developing innovative technological solutions. Russia has enormous potential for innovation and for lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and through the EDF’s participation in the GreenTech Start-up Booster program we’ve gotten to build a portfolio of startup projects that share our vision of co-developing electric, low-carbon innovations.
The Green Tech Startup Booster has attracted a lot of attention, and the sheer quantity of project applications is impressive. We could already see that a community of startups, corporates and actors of the ecological transition has been built around the “Booster”. We are glad to have been a part of this event

The five GreenTech final winners are:

  • Biomicrogel (1st place), solution based on natural occurring modified polysaccharides to remove oil-based pollutants from water;
  • Printeltech (2nd place), portable, highly sensitive, low-cost air pollution monitoring system;
  • Brosk (3rd place), low-cost and efficient heat pump;
  • Environmental Investments (4th place), solution designed to reduce CO2 by way of providing plantations of fast-growth CO2 absorbing trees aimed at reducing carbon tax footprint of emitting companies;
  • Big3 (5th place), a digital platform for modeling of waste treatment sector, waste accounting and waste management control.

At EDF, we are continuing discussions with several startups we met through the “Booster’’, with whom we are looking at how to build fruitful collaboration.

For more information on the project go to the GreenTech Start-up Booster website .