Wherever our Group operates, we want to invent a new energy model to address the climate crisis: lower-carbon, more efficient, less of an impact on the environment and on people.
In the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), EDF has a representative office in Moscow. In addition to working with many of the leading companies in Russia and the CIS in nuclear power, thermal engineering and hydropower, the Group provides energy efficiency services to industrial companies through its subsidiary Dalkia Rus.

Our raison d'être is to build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive wellbeing and economic development.

EDF group is the trusted partner of smart and responsible cities, providing energy solutions and consulting services in close cooperation with local decision-makers. 
The EDF group helped develop the future Moscow neighborhood of Rublyovo Arkhangelskoye and supported the smart district’s energy and urban planning. This project, a first for the EDF Group in Russia, capitalized on the experience built up by EDF in France and around the world in the field of smart and sustainable cities. The Rublyovo Arkhangelskoye neighborhood covers more than 460 hectares to the West of Moscow. It will house 65,000 residents in an area combining accommodation and tertiary activities. EDF provided innovative planning services via a platform for creating 3D simulations of energy and urban scenarios. This platform was developed by the EDF group’s research and development department at the Eifer1 research center based in Karlsruhe in Germany.

1 European Institute for Energy Research


EDF believes that innovative solutions can help build a CO2 - neutral future that reconciles the environment with the development and well-bring of everyone in society.

In Russia and CIS countries, EDF seeks to partner and build the best solutions with innovative companies and organizations as well as startups and R&D centers from the energy sector and beyond the energy sector.

In 2016, EDF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Skolkovo Foundation, aiming to cooperate in key areas, such as energy efficiency, smart cities and smart grids, energy storage.

For more information and innovative projects supported by EDF, check out the EDF Pulse website and our latest news.

Dalkia Rus is one of the first energy service companies in Russia. Founded in 2009 as EDF Fenice Rus, the company holds top position in the national ranking of energy service companies. In September 2016, Fenice Rus has become part of Dalkia, the leading provider of energy services to public sector and industry in France, subsidiary of EDF Group.

Dalkia Rus offers energy and environmental services for industrial and public clients: energy efficiency, distributed generation, wastewater disposal and treatment. The company has a number of large-scale projects on implementing energy efficient technologies in Russia.

Energy efficiency solutions

Dalkia Rus helps its customers implement the energy transition through a new range of services that draw on local energy solutions to make the most of regional resources and ensure efficient energy consumption.

The company delivers cutting-edge solutions that help entreprises stay competitive while reducing their carbon footprint. At the same time, Dalkia Rus allows local authorities to enhance the appeal of their region while controlling energy spending. The solutions are suited to the specific needs of individual buildings, factories, neighbourhoods and regions. From designing, building and operating facilities (with or without financing) to raising the awareness of employees and residents, the company offers an array of expertise and scope for innovation to deliver solutions that not only enhance energy performance but also preserve resources.


Dalka Rus specialises in Boosting reliability and optimising energy utilities at your industrial sites.

Ecosolution offers a combination of effective budget management and operating performance. We offer multi-technical energy services that allow those in industry to focus on their core business.

EDF supports governments, utilities and financial institutions toward more efficient power systems and installations, drawing on its unique experience as the world-leading electricity company to deliver outstanding results.

Engineering services are provided for a wide array of technologies in hydropower, gas-fired generation, renewable energies, power networks and power storage. With a comprehensive approach to project life-cycle, EDF services range from feasibility studies to assistance in operation and maintenance of assets, from cutting-edge greenfield design to training of staff on BAT.

The modern world is facing a threefold challenge:

  • find a competitively priced response to the rising demand for electricity
  • tackle climate change
  • confront the depletion of easily accessible natural resources

To address these issues, EDF has chosen to pursue a strategy of long-term partnerships.


In Russia, EDF and Rosenergoatom have been collaborating for more then 20 years in the following areas:

  • nuclear power plants operating safety
  • technical support programs
  • station inspections
  • staff training
  • safety measures improvement during the development stage of nuclear plants
  • research and development

EDF also cooperates with Rosatom in research and development and nuclear fuel cycle.

In Ukraine, the EDF group is working with local companies to strengthen the culture of safety at operating stations. In addition, EDF made an important contribution to the safety system of the sarcophagus encasing Chernobyl.